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Remodel Your Kitchen By Yourself

Remodel Your Kitchen By Yourself

Maybe you have consider remodeling your home with your personal money? Are you informed about the primary advantages that are revolving around it? There are numerous advantages as well, which are currently overflowing with your personal work for remodeling of your home. Let’s take a look at most notable and a few of the primary benefits.

When you choose to transform your kitchen with the help of kitchen remodeling experts, you usually end up spending a lot of money. He’ll expose several spanking and fresh clean products within the home that will actually be seemingly expensive for you personally. Should you prefer designing your kitchen yourself to simply save some cash in expense of time period? By handling all of the installation procedure by yourself, you are able to simply conserve the full time. If a few of the components continue to be fresh and clean, subsequently, you should not spend the cash on any products. For the installation, you’ll save up your work with regard in this manner too.

Whenever we discuss a few of the priciest home remodeling areas, we usually note the title of your kitchen. The restoration specialists also need the same price expenses for decoration, so it’s suggested to achieve this job by yourself! Additionally, throughout the restoration of your kitchen area, you receive close to a number of such places that you had possibly been ignorant. In this way, you may also transform these accessories, artwork, units and heat installation devices. From a few of the movies, you may also consider the money along with it, and that will last with a few of the extra facts. Whenever you get associated with a few of the businesses for problems that are related to remodeling, they may take large amount of time, so they could get more income by increasing the process.

When you get remodeling done with money that is own, you are free of all of the limitations. You may also finish the remodeling process in a week, three days or sometimes even 30 days. You’ve traditions that might be simply accompanied by you and your personal guidelines. Furthermore, talking about the color schemes, simply ensure that your kitchen area should be decorated using gentle shades. We recommend gentle shades because of the dim vibrant tones that might create your kitchen seem much dirty and messy. Therefore, all of the individuals who genuinely believe that they can’t redesign your kitchen should simply concentrate on each one of these benefits.

Foundation Repair in Tennessee

Foundation Repair in Tennessee

The primary function of a basis of a house would be to move the fat of a construction to stone and its underlying dirt. Among the factors that lead to the importance of a Foundation Repair service in Nashville, Tennessee is basis negotiation that is poor. Constructions can be devalued by basis resolution as well as leave them dangerous. Poor care in and about bases and building compressive on extensive clay developed load grounds are a number of the more important causes of poor basis negotiating. Another cause for basis resolution that is incorrect is unsuspected or hidden air-pockets in the floor below the location of building. These trigger the strength of the basis to be endangered and might collapse.

Common outward indications of a construction wanting base fixes damaged or are huge doorways and walls which don’t shut correctly. Creating on expansive grounds is the primary offender for basis resolution. When just one element of the the inspiration both heaves or settles, breaks are created in the base. The outdoor indicators of poor flooring negotiating are base, broke stones and spinning of partitions, molding that are homeless around windows and doorways in the partitions. Inside indicators of flooring negotiating that is poor are splits on the ground, sheet mis-allignment and rock in windows and doors.

You’ll also find lots of methods for performing foundation repair service in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wood, stone, metal or concrete were utilized commonly in methods that were previous. They’d be driven to the floor in an attempt to save the power of the bases. But such a repair function was regarded as useless. A couple of the very most effective methods for base fixes are the pier system as well as piece jacking. Piering is also called gas jacking.

Slab jacking is the procedure for incorporating grout beneath a column or a slab. This creates a a lifting pressure and increases its power and maintains the stated slab or column to nearly its original level. Caution needs to be taken the quantity of mud ought to not be imperfect while including grout. All through Piering, metal posts are driven through earth that was shaky. Hydraulic jacks are utilized to support concrete foundations that are destabilized as a result of modifications occurring in the fundamental dirt. Because concrete has excellent compressive power, metal supports are employed in the system. Though Piers can move enormous down lots without assistance from reinforcing steel, metal can be used from sheared by causes of the extensive soils or being taken aside. The fixing usually take 21 to 30-days, yet this time-frame may vary according to climate delays and soil conditions.

Air Duct Cleaning | Why do you need one?

Air Duct Cleaning | Why do you need one?

A air-duct cleansing is an essential part of encouraging good air-quality for all in your family and maintaining your house clear. Here we take a look at a number of things to consider in terms of your atmosphere channels that are frequently unheeded.
Air duct cleaning OKC isn’t a place people visit that frequently. It’s a thing that you know that you need to feel about because it’s associated with the health and well being of your loved ones, but other things always appear to be of more instant relevance.

You might be amazed to learn that many families do not know when their air passages were last washed (or should they’ve actually been washed!). Moment might have come to provide your air passages a thorough clean-up for those who have begun to see an accumulation of dirt in your furniture and for the duration of your home. Many air-duct cleaning firms may recommend that you’ve got the cleansing process completed on average once every a few years. Yet there are some houses that need it to be done more frequently that that, like in every 2 to 3 years. That is especially the case for HVAC channels when they’re not being used, as it is hardly unusual to allow them to become blocked with both dirt and mold through the the days of the year. This often leads to difficulties in your home which you don’t want to take care of, when you ignore the cleansing responsibilities your channels need.

Perhaps you have seen the next occurring recently? You’ve got completed your routine dusting and have vacuumed an area from end to another, but every thing nevertheless has a filthy and messy look to it. It’s been said that inside air contains as many toxins as (or even more than) outside atmosphere. The more contamination you’ve got at home, the more problems you will possibly have. The good thing is the fact that we do have more control on the caliber of our in-door atmosphere as opposed to atmosphere that is outside.

You should contact an air duct cleaning supplier like Duct Squads from Oklahoma City to visit your house and undergo the cleansing procedure from hurting your animals as well as your nearest and dearest, to avoid medical conditions and ailments. That is particularly the case for everyone who is suffering from respiration associated health issues like upper-respiratory system infections, allergies, asthma, bronchitis or another kind of illness that may be deteriorated by clogged channels in the house.

The dirt that’s flying about freely in-the-air during your home might not be noticeable to the eye that is human, but it is hardly incapable of producing these medical conditions worse also to creating flare-ups or more goes attacks to happen. Also people who have breathing systems and healthier lungs might end up getting sore throats or colds. A duct-cleaning specialist will recover the quality of air to what it must be to encourage healthiness and may clear your property of those issues.

You may start to see that a few of your electronic equipment like DVD players or your PC are as bad as they once did, in the event you keep postponing contacting an air-duct cleaning company. An excessive amount of soil and dust moving in-the-air could be the culprit. Always postponing having an air duct cleansing isn’t clever or wise. It often leads to harm and also to more problems to your own property.

Beating Leading Information Protection Problems in Retail Oil Industries

Knowing Information Protection Problems in the Retail Oil Industry

Storing obtaining, and transferring information that is sensitive presents problems for each company. Among the data sets that are most risky to manage is transaction card information, as it is an easy task to steal, market, and apply for fraudulent buys. Because of the character of the business plan as well as the sector, oil companies that are retail manage enormous quantities of transaction information. Oil merchants confront a number of the very sophisticated transaction card information problems, placing them in the cross-hairs for scams, information robbery, and PCI tokenization conformity that is high-priced.

Tens of thousands of Transactions a Day

Picture a gas-station with 10 two sided booths, or 20 pushes and spend devices that are associated. On an evening that is busy that one-station will require numerous trades; 100s of swipes. To get a big store with 100s of the areas spread across says, that is thousands of of chances for transaction information thievery as cards are read in the pump, transaction information sent to the Point-Of Purchase program in the stop, sent to your transaction processor, and finally to the financial back-office methods at central offices. This is, needless to say, is as well as the shops in the gasoline stations where products are purchased by customers and pay for providers utilizing the exact same POS system. At any given stage in the transaction flow– POS terminals, system, or database that is fiscal – transaction information can be potentially siphoned off by a cyberpunk.

Pursuing The Transaction Flow

Comprehending the course of trades to get a re-Tail gas-station that is single supplies insight to the tremendous size of big retail oil companies that use a large number of shops and pushes with numerous POS systems. They’ve been managing huge quantities of transaction card information through their surroundings. Many big gasoline stores that have many areas are likely to need to make use of all the accumulated transaction information impacts of cost adjustments, to comprehend patterns in usage, and monitor in store revenue. And so the transaction information is sent to the primary ERP financial methods for evaluation. In this discourse, we are going to focus on companies that shove against transaction info to central offices for evaluation and safe-keeping. It is here also, within the the organization ERP programs, that hackers are interested in the veritable honey pot of transaction information.

What Seems Straightforward Is Extremely Complicated

Dunk card, pump gas. Straightforward. But reaching PCI conformity in only one gas-station and keeping information safe is quite difficult. The automatic fuel dispenser with card drop readers where the trade is initiated by the client is only step one. Between the shop POS as well as that automatic fuel dispenser, you will find numerous systems from several sellers, creating inter operability yet another safety challenge. The the task will be to ensure the approval route beginning in the transaction card drop in the pump, right through to to the POS to the fiscal methods of the organization all of the solution, in the stop. Adding several payment approval systems in to one information protection strategy is very difficult, especially because in oil surroundings that is retail, the makers of the systems that are different never have held information safety top-of-mind.

Securing information in the gas dispenser that is automatic straight back to the shop POS is the primary obstacle. Then you must look at procuring the information likely through firewalls and systems to central offices. You study the safety of the back office systems, including transaction machines, which are aggregating obligations in the gas that is automatic dispensers in addition to several shop level-of-selling methods. Whenever transaction information are at rest or in-transit, it could be hacked–which signifies any period, on a regular basis. There really are numerous safety controls that are distinct that must be placed in spot to ensure that information isn’t intercepted at any stage.

Large Worker Turn-Over Prevents Protection Measures

In addition to the the technologies of a-data protection strategy within a an oil business that is retail, will be the workers inserted in the act. Corner stores and gasoline stations usually have a higher worker turn-over rate. Direction receiving a member of staff up to date to use the POS, learn the best way to resolve issues in the pump, the best way to work with clients and stays a fantastic sum of money coaching. Safety instruction contains tips for example: “do not shoot images of transaction cards, do not create them down, do not call them in on the telephone, or read the amounts over the speaker in the shop or away at the pump.” These protection violation behaviors tend to be less unusual than you may anticipate. When shimming devices are added in the gas dispenser to document and transfer card information workers also must have the ability to spot tampering. Subsequently, the worker progresses as well as it procedure starts again. This foreseeable series of events that are unfortunate signifies you have to constantly have training and procedures in place to ensure cardholder information is protected from engineering perspectives, process, and individuals. This credit crunches base line profitability, and increases price and the complexity of a-data protection strategy.

TokenEx Comprehends the Intricacy of Your Surroundings

TokenEx prides itself on understanding each one of procedures and the systems in a re-Tail environment– to the economic climate at central offices, to the shop point-of purchase program, completely again from the automatic gas dispenser. We recognize the best way to ensure each measure by incorporating systems including credit card tokenization, point to point security, and fraud-detection, to lessen danger to your client as well as your organization. Your surroundings is among the very sophisticated transaction surroundings available now, and we are able to make it risk-free.

In-part two of the three-part blog series, we’ll be speaking more about information protection inside the retail oil business and immediately tackle the most effective methods in addition to transaction computer software packages to execute tokenization inside the retail oil business.

Orthodontic Teeth Straightening Options

Have you ever ever been embarrassed to smile due to misaligned or crowded teeth? We provide orthodontic treatment at our orthodontist okc office as well as supplying the most effective restorative care feasible for our patients. A twisted grin not only straightens, but additionally, it may help correct an unbalanced sting, resulting in a beautiful and healthy smile. The orthodontic appliances of now can also be not as noticeable than before and a lot more comfortable, with clear braces and smaller mount layouts. With the orthodontic choices of today, you do not have to settle for a grin that is twisted!

Invisalign – No-Wire Braces: Where we use teeth to gently move into proper place, Invisalign is a no wire technique. Many guests don’t want metal braces and wires. In these instances, Invisalign is a good choice!

Conventional Braces Using a Spin: Conventional braces may be all alloy, or ceramic mounts which make the look of braces really low profile are also offered by us.

Biobloc – Facial Development Guidance Treatment: The purpose of the treatment will be to enhance oral position and help young people’ facial development grow right. The purpose of the treatment will be to correct oral position so the face can grow generally. At rest, in appropriate position that is oral, the lips touch only somewhat but aren’t endeavored to hold. Frequently we see open oral position, where the lips are constantly and this causes a wide range of disparities that are facial and oral problems. Biobloc works by directing the upper and lower jaws as it had been meant to, so the face can grow. You will find just two steps to the procedure. The next measure as well as the initial places the upper jaw ideally places the lower jaw right and to fit using the upper jaw and teeth.

The aim will be to reach facial equilibrium that is better. This helps in the creation of the airway space in the rear of the throat. Consider it: where does the tongue go if your jaws are too much back? The frequent position is for the tongue. This causes impeded respiration. We’ve even seen grownups years afterwards, not having had this facial imbalance and they’ve other oral pose issues like snoring, sleep apnea and maybe need to wear an oxygenated mask during the night, head and neck tension, as well as the list continues on. This may be carried out at any age and by a variety of means, in case your aim is just to straighten teeth.

Please take your child to be observed by several days to these questions with respect.

Can be your kid hoarse each day, when first alert?
Can you see rings or puffiness around your kid’s eyes?
Without being hot does your kid perspiration?
Does your kid breath largely through their mouth?
Throughout the day can be your kid a mouth breather?
Is it true that your kid suck fingers or their thumb?
With brushing can you help your child?

You have earned a grin that lights up your lifetime! Visit an orthodontist today to book your own personal consultation. We do not need anything to stand between your perfect grin and you and oral health that is optimum. If you are concerned, please tell us so that people are able to design a treatment strategy which satisfies your unique needs.

SoundCloud music promotion

SoundCloud is one of the best places where you can find good music. It is one the most preferred social platforms by musicians and album by producers to promote their music and work. Having potential is not enough in today’s world. You must be able to promote yourself. SoundCloud allows users to like your music and follow your work. Or you can simply buy cheap Soundcloud followers.The artist can also respond to the comment and establish a contact with the fans. One of those rock bands that shot to fame with tremendous followers and fans in no time. Their tracks ooze energy and the numbers are catchy besides the fun lyrics too.

Some of the most practical and essential tips to succeed on SoundCloud are as follows –

•           Share your SoundCloud tracks- share your tracks with your friends and followers as well as on other social networking sites like facebook, Tumblr etc.  SoundCloud allows its users to connect with other networks as well making it possible to share beyond its platform.

•           Allow free downloads- Everyone likes to try out things that comes for free. Apply this principle for SoundCloud downloads as well. Free downloads encourages more people to listen to your music.

•           Join Groups and submit your tracks- joining group of your genre and submitting your songs that reflect your kind of music targets listeners who search for a particular kind of music.

•           Comment and follow- Be thoughtful and take time to comments and applaud other artists too. By appreciating others, you are also extending your friendship and introducing yourself. Your comments must be genuine and sincere. Following a feedback is as important as commenting.  Receiving feedback or replying to a comment is a nice way to respond to a gesture and make a connection with your fans, which in effect adds to your popularity.

The Mack E7 Engine

Not long ago, a diesel powerplant rolled out of Mack R&D possessing a power-to-w eight ratio and level of electronic sophistication that would make a “seen-it-all” driver whistle through his teeth.

And if we had to explain it to him, this is what we’d say. More than 90% of over-the-road Class 8 used diesel diesel trucks are rated between 300 and 450 horsepower. Specific power output for modern heavy-duty diesel trucks typically ranges hetween 25 and 37.5 horsepower per liter. So what does that leave as the optimum sized diesel truck for today’s fleet operation? 12 liters. Which, not so coincidentally, is the exact size of the Mack E7 diesel truck.

The 14s are too much. The 10s and 11s are too small. And each one will find a way to dig into your pocket.

With its unstressed horses, the 12-liter E7 is proving to be the most durable Class 8 diesel truck on the highway today. Weighing virtually the same as com- petitive 10-and 1l-liter diesel trucks, the E7 is 600 to 800 pounds lighter than the “big blocks,” which allows it to haul bigger loads. Not only that, it’s available with up to 454 horses. So the E7 diesel truck can pull off most anything you’d expect from a 14-liter diesel truck.

As well as some things other diesel trucks can only dream about. Because it is compact, the E7 diesel truck fits snugly inside a medium-length conventional rig, without cutting into the cab. The result is maximum horsepower with even more cab room. And with the shorter nose made possible by an E7, the rig itself is easier to maneuver around tight shipping docks and city streets. It all adds up to happier drivers, maximize payloads and reduced trip times. Which might just make fleet managers happy too.

The E7 diesel truck breathes better. Mack’s own Chassis-Mounted Chargcd Air Cooling reduces inlet air temperature for greater density and more complete combustion. The burn is even more efficient since it’s the E7′s unique “swirl” injection system that feeds off the enhanced airflow. And because this is accomplished by improved airflow instead of greater injection pressure, you’ll find the E7 far less susceptible to problems like premature injector failure or high oil viscosity (from sooty blow-by past the rings).

Then there’s Maxidyne® diesel truck technology. Available on a host of E7 diesel trucks, this technology provides a huge torque rise for unparalleled lugging power. It means more fuel efficiency, since Maxidyne diesel trucks are designed to operate at lower rpm’s. Better acceleration and less shifting, especially in the hills. And more torque at the clutch, when you’ve got to move a load that wants to stay put. If you’re headed for the open road, you can get the same advantages with our new MaxiCruise’” diesel truck rating. It gives you legendary Maxidyne performance at a power level and diesel truck operating speed designed to match the needs of highway hauling.

Finally, servicing is faster and easier no matter which E7 you run. Since it’s compact, there’s plenty of elbow room for fluid checks, filter changes and other routine maintenance. V-MAC II diagnostics make troubleshooting easy with either a hand-held or your shop PC. Oil change intervals are 25,000 miles*, nearly twice the mileage competitive diesel trucks get before heading in for service. And with 600 dealerships in North America, parts are but a milk run away.

Firm lands $10 mil funding

Emageon, one of five Alabama companies that will make a presentation at this week’s Southeast Bio Investor Conference, has received $10 million in third-round venture capital funding.

Huntsville’s Southeastern Technology Fund led the investment in the Birmingham firm, which developed technology that allows film X-rays converted into digital format to be viewed over the Internet.

Emageon CEO Chuck Jett said Southeastern, which also has offices in Birmingham and Atlanta, put in about half the money at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Other investors include Paradigm Venture Partners, Harbert Management Co.’s Harbinger/Aurora Fund and Jemison Investment Co. of Birmingham and Delta Capital of Memphis.

All of the firms other than Delta have invested in Emageon previously. A 63-employee info tech company in the health care space, Emageon has now raised $24.5 million since it began commercializing its product in January 2000.

Jett says while such investment has led to “significant dilution” in the shares of stock owned by the company’s original management team, he thinks smaller pieces of larger pies are more valuable in the long run.

“If you’re building a business you anticipate being a major company with national and international reach,” he says, “it’s fundamentally important to have institutional investors starting with venture capitalists who will be with the company through thick and thin as it grows over time.”

Southeastern Managing Partner Paul D. Reaves says his firm thinks Emageon will be one of its “home run” investments.

“These guys solve a problem,” Reaves said. “They have a great technology and a great management team, so we really felt comfortable with this round of financing.”

Jett says increasing revenues are one indicator of his company’s upward momentum; Emageon posted $500,000 in revenues in 2000 and expects $4.5 million this year. Major clients are another important consideration for investors. In Emageon’s case, both Tenet Healthcare Corp. and Kaiser Permanente are clients, and have also made separate equity investments in the company.

While the CEO won’t comment on possible investor exit strategies, saying he’s still focused on serving current clients and growing the business, Reaves has some thoughts.

“With a company growing as rapidly as this one, there are any number of exit opportunities,” he says. “There are many very large players in the radiology space, so I think there are plenty of opportunities for a merger-acquisition, and fast enough growth for an IPO (initial public offering) one day.”

Nineteen companies will present at this year’s Southeast Bio Investors Conference at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel. Designed to bring biotech companies and potential investors together, last year’s conference in Raleigh, N.C., drew some 400 participants, which is what organizers expect this year. The first conference was held in Atlanta. On the Web: Emageon Southeastern Bio Investors Conference

Siegelman uses ‘Wallace trick’

Siegelman uses ‘Wallace trick’

MONTGOMERY Gov. Don Siegelman last week sounded like former Gov. George Wallace when he said his $160 million tax plan would make big companies pay their fair share of taxes, political observers said.

“It frequently makes for good campaign rhetoric to beat up on people who are perceived to be unusually well-off or privileged,” said Brad Moody, a political scientist at Auburn University Montgomery. “He sounds a little bit like Wallace on this.”

Wallace in the 1960s and 1970s often blamed big companies, the “Big Mules,” for many of Alabama’s problems.

Siegelman on Thursday unveiled his proposal to raise $160 million a year by closing corporate income-tax loopholes and raising the business privilege tax on the net worth of large companies.

He said he’s pushing his proposal, despite the no-new-taxes pledge he took in 1998, because not doing so would bring a second year of proration across-the-board cuts in state school spending caused by low tax collections in a weak economy.

“If I have to choose between a no-new-tax pledge and the children, I’m going to be with the kids,” Siegelman said.

Friday, he hammered on the tax fairness issue.

“What we’ve got to have is these loopholes closed and we’ve got to ensure that these large corporations pay their share of taxes just like working Alabamians do,” Siegelman said.

He said 619 companies doing business in Alabama last year made a total of $850 million in profits here but paid nothing in state corporate income taxes, which flow to the Education Trust Fund for public colleges and schools.

“These multistate companies that come in here and make all these huge profits aren’t paying a dime,” he said.

Court reporters cases and changes in income-tax law pushed by business groups in recent years have slashed the income taxes paid by large out-of-state companies, Siegelman said.

He said big companies based out of state take Alabamians’ money at their stores here and then use smart tax lawyers to beat Alabama’s tax system.

“Let’s close these loopholes make these folks who are coming in here, taking our money, make them pay their fair share,” Siegelman said.

One out-of-state company recently made more than $100 million in Alabama but paid no state income taxes, he said. “It’s not right. It’s not fair,” he said. State law prohibits officials from naming companies and the tax they pay.

Bill O’Connor, president of the Business Council of Alabama, said business leaders are willing to meet with Siegelman “to try to find shared solutions to these problems.”

“But I can’t find any worse time to raise taxes than in a recession,” he said. “Business men and women in this state are struggling every day to try to make ends meet.”

O’Connor noted that Siegelman blasted big out-of-state companies Friday while saying waitresses, teachers and small business owners paid their fair share of taxes.

“Nobody wins when you try to divide and conquer,” he said. “To try to point fingers and place blame is to turn back the clock.”

Siegelman said his proposal to raise money for schools through raising business taxes by $160 million a year offered lawmakers, business executives and voters a stark choice.

“Is it a test case? Absolutely,” Siegelman said. “Because the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.

“You’re either for education and against cuts or you’re for cuts and against education. It is that simple,” he said.

State Sen. Bill Armistead, R-Columbiana, said he expected Siegelman to borrow another Wallace tactic: propose his tax plan and then run for re-election next year against a do-nothing Legislature if lawmakers reject his plan.

“It’s the old George Wallace trick, in my opinion,” Armistead said.

Moody said Siegelman may figure he wins either way with his tax proposal.

If lawmakers kill it, he attacks them. If they pass it, Moody said, Siegelman can claim credit and maybe avoid a second straight year of proration. He cut state education spending last year by $266 million, or 6.2 percent.

“He doesn’t think he can be re-elected having proration of 5 to 6 percent for two years in a row in the education budget,” Moody said.

Last nine bodies taken from mine

Workers carried the last nine bodies of 13 miners killed by the Sept. 23 explosions at Blue Creek No. 5 to the surface early Friday morning.

Crews extracted all nine bodies at the same time, bringing them from a depth of 2,140 feet at the deepest coal mine in North America.

Those recovered were Gaston Adams Jr., 56, Bessemer; Nelson Banks, 52, Bessemer; Clarence Boyd, 38, McCalla; John Knox, 44, Pleasant Grove; Dennis Mobley, 56, Brent; Charles Nail, 59, Birmingham; Joe Riggs, 51, Cottondale; Charles Smith, 44, Brookwood; and Terry Stewart, 44, Cordova.

The bodies of Dave Blevins, 52, Tuscaloosa; Wendell Johnson, 52, Cottondale; and Joe Sorah, 46, Duncanville, were recovered last weekend. Ray Ashworth, 53, of Cottondale was injured in the blasts and died the next day at University Hospital.

Gary Tramell, president of United Mine Workers Local 2368, was at the mine’s entrance shaft when the bodies were brought to the surface shortly after midnight.

“I represented those men when they went into the mine and I was going to be dang sure that I was going to be there when they came out,” Tramell said. “It was a very somber moment.”

Tramell and officials from Jim Walter Resources praised the recovery crews for their efforts during the past few weeks. “They had their hearts in their jobs.”

The remains were placed in three vehicles from the Tuscaloosa County Medical Examiner’s Office. Tramell said workers at the mine stood side-by-side in tribute as the vehicles left.

Flags at the Brookwood mine, which have been flying at half-staff since the accident, were raised to full staff Friday morning.

“They weren’t going to raise it back up until the last man was out,” said Dennis Hall, a spokesman for Jim Walter Resources.