Calling Out For Help While Moving Heavy Items

Calling Out For Help While Moving Heavy Items

You have just closed the deal on the perfect house and cannot wait to move. You survey the scene at your current home and realize: I have an extraordinary amount of “stuff” to move. You quickly recognize that this is a job for the professionals and you proceed to enlist the help of a reputable moving company. But then you realize: some of the “stuff” that you own might be difficult to move, and you may need a “niche” mover, one that specializes in moving articles that might be challenging. There are a few tips to make your transition a smooth one, whether you are moving across town, across the country, or even outside the United States.

There are many items that cannot be moved on a moving truck, for safety reasons. It is always best to confirm with the moving company that you select, but bear in mind that hazardous materials probably will not be included in your moving van. Items like gasoline for your cars or lawnmower, lighter fluid for your barbeque and fireworks, for obvious reasons, are not allowed on moving trucks. You will also have to find a way to transport any paint, paint thinner and other chemicals and poisons you need to move to your new residence. And make sure you move your own firearms—they are not allowed on a moving truck, either!

Common sense dictates that you also cart your important documents, photographs, jewelry, prescription medication and money with you when you move. While a reliable moving company will have insurance, it is best not to rely on a service to transport these items.

If you have unique items to move, you will want to make sure they are handled with care. Not all moving companies are skilled in all types of articles, so check to make sure they can help you before you hire them. Pay special attention to fragile artwork or mirrors—breakable items can be put on a moving truck, but they should be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and then covered in bubble wrap. You can attempt to wrap these items yourself, but the professionals will have all the right materials and the experience, so it is best left to them. Some treasures you may own might be too big or cumbersome to move; you will definitely need an expert to move these things. For instance, if you own a piano, you will want to make sure it is handled with care. A piano is a valuable, delicate instrument that requires special attention when moved. A piano can’t be treated like any other piece of furniture which it why professional movers should be responsible for its transportation. In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, professional movers have the experience to protect the piano against scratches, dings or damage. Once moved, their team should thoroughly inspect your piano to ensure it is set up to your satisfaction. Trying to position a piano yourself could be physically taxing and you could also wind up damaging the piano.

Likewise, moving a large or awkward item like an aquarium, refrigerator or safe can also result in injuries or destruction of property.  With a variety of designs, moving an aquarium requires special planning. Special precautions need to be made to help keep your fish alive and to keep the sensitive balance of the aquarium’s environment in check. When moving an aquarium, the most important aspect is to monitor the filtration and oxygen levels in the water. Your fish will need to transferred into a holding tank so that the aquarium can be safely moved and set up in your new residence. Aquariums can be large, heavy and extremely fragile and extra attention to detail must be observed to protect the glass and seals.

When moving an appliance, such as a refrigerator, you will want to make sure it has suitably defrosted for several days before it is transported. Obviously, all food and liquids should be removed beforehand. A professional mover can strategically maneuver your refrigerator, washer, dryer or other appliance and ensure there is not a scratch on it.

Additionally, the moving of a safe can be complicated and precarious process, especially if you do not have the proper equipment or lack the experience.  Before the movers arrive, be sure everything is removed from your safe and that your valuables are safely secured elsewhere. If it is a gun safe, the guns must be removed before the safe is transported.

It is important that doorways and hallways are measured to ensure oversized items can easily pass through. Also, if stairs or other obstacles are evident, it is imperative that the movers are made aware so they can prepare.

Another unique service offered by moving companies is called the “Snowbird Service”. If you live in a cold climate and migrate to a warmer environment during the winter, you may need to transport some of your items back and forth. To save yourself time and headaches, hiring a professional moving service may be your best bet. You can have clothing, golfing equipment, suitcases—any items you like sent to your summer home and then back again at the end of the season.

Have kids moving into a college dorm and don’t have anyone to move them? There’s a moving service dedicated just to moving college students to and from their dorms. Called the “Uber of Moving” the service, called Bellhops, is a balance of a professional moving company and a group of college friends helping each other move.

Whatever your moving needs, from the simple moves to the more detailed, complicated services, you can find them if you search. It is important to find a reputable moving company that suits your particular requirements. Make sure to ask probing questions and ask for references to ensure the company has moved similar items to yours. Make sure you do your legwork before you hire a company and prepare well in advance of your move. While many people find moving to be a stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be; planning makes all the difference!