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Dear Exhibitor:
On behalf of the IEEE EMC Society, I cordially invite you to take part in the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from August 5-10, 2012. Our symposium is being planned and promoted to draw EMC professionals from around the world. Consider the following benefits.

Benefits for Symposium Attendees:

• Top-rated, peer-reviewed technical paper sessions

• Special and invited paper sessions of topical interest

• Workshops and tutorials

• Demonstrations and experiments

• Global EMC University – tutorials with CEUs

• Exhibitors showcasing the latest EMC products and services

• Fun, imaginative and entertaining social events

• Two world class hotels within walking distance to the Convention Center

• A chance to visit the “City of Bridges” and the birthplace of pop culture. With all of the excellent choices of dining and entertainment, there is something for everyone.

Benefits for Exhibitors:

• Promotion, promotion, promotion! Sales, sales, sales!!

• More than 10,000 symposium brochures to be mailed and distributed at various shows globally (see this year’s tote bag for a sample)

• Advertisements in industry publications throughout the year

• Press announcements in industry publications throughout the year

• A professionally developed website that is easily navigated, searchable, current, linkable to your website –

• Solid technical program to draw attendees from around the world

• Budget-friendly promo and patronage opportunities offer branding and lead generation opportunities – priced less than ever before!

• An exhibitor committee staffed with experienced exhibiting, sales and marketing professionals

• Modern Pittsburgh has remained economically strong, supporting 1,600 technology companies, ranging from a Google campus to small startups.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh in 2012!

Mike Oliver, General Chair
2012 IEEE International Symposium on EMC