Hardware Experiments & Demonstrations


Now in its 20th consecutive year, the Hardware Experiments and Demonstrations continue to be a highly popular symposium event. These presentations are devoted to demonstrating important EMC concepts through a series of interactive experiments and demonstrations focusing on EM coupling phenomena and effects, EMC measurements, and EMC troubleshooting methods. The hardware experiments are partially based upon those documented in the ESAC’s EMC Experiments Manual, originally compiled by Clayton Paul and Henry Ott.

Past experiments have demonstrated the following:

•  Effects of PC board radiation coupling

•  Component-cable crosstalk

•  Grounding and shielding strategies

•  Spectral analysis techniques using test hardware

•  Effective EMC test methods and practices

•  Use of EMC instrumentation to measure interference at the device or component level

•  The role of EMC standards as part of overall measurement practices.

The presentations show how, in most cases, fairly simple test hardware can be used to measure a range of electromagnetic effects. New experiments for the symposium are added each year and several popular demonstrations from previous years will be reprised. Hands-on participation during the demonstrations is encouraged.

Approximately 10 hardware experiments and demonstrations are planned for this symposium, and each presenter will be allotted a 3 hour time slot in which to demonstrate their experiment. Experiment demonstrations shall not be for commercial or promotional purposes and are intended to be technical in nature. The hardware experiments should continue to focus on innovative concepts and methods that are of interest to practicing EMC engineers. A partial list of potential experiment topics include:

• Application of magnetic pickup loops and current probes

• Transmission-line effects on PCBs

• Coupling and multi-conductor transmission lines

• Use of ferrites for EMI control

• Measurement versus calculation of signal spectra

• Minimizing magnetic field susceptibility

• Measurement and control of EMI in spread spectrum systems

• Measurement of common versus differential mode coupling

• LISNs and parasitics

• Electrostatic discharge phenomena

• Effects of clock frequencies

• Mode stirring

• Electromagnetic leakage through seams and gasketted joints

• Ground bounce

• Electromagnetic product safety

• Signal integrity issues for PCBs
Hardware Experiments/Demonstrations proposals will be accepted and reviewed by the EMC2012 Technical Committee.

Please see the Hardware Experiment/Demonstration proposal submission site to submit a proposal.