Monday, 6 August 2012

The iNARTE Examinations Preparation Workshop is a recommended Workshop for all who register to take any of iNARTE Certification Examinations on Friday, August 10, 2012. This year we will offer several different EMC Certification examinations; our traditional eight-hour examination for EMC Engineers or Technicians, a new six-hour examination leading to a Certification for Senior EMC Design Engineers, and a six-hour examination leading to a Certification for entry level EMC Design Engineers. The traditional EMC Certification examinations feature general EMC knowledge, with an emphasis on Testing, Metrology, and Standards.  The new EMC Design Engineer examinations concentrate more heavily on the ability to apply EMC principles to electronic design for compliance. These new certification programs have been developed with the cooperation of leading electronics and automotive corporation in the USA and Japan.  At the Workshop we will discuss the format of both program examinations, and the best approach to ensure success.  The last two hours of the Workshop will be devoted to a trial examination paper, were we will present 20 or so typical questions.  All attendees are invited to bring notebooks, reference materials, calculators and laptop computers if planning to take the trial examinations.  To determine which of these certifications is better suited to your career goals, visit for all the different program details.

Friday, 10 August 2012

The iNARTE Certification Examinations will be held at the Symposium from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We hope that many who attend The Global EMC University lectures during the week will validate their knowledge and experience by becoming an iNARTE Certified Engineer or Technician. This is an ideal time and place to take the Examination element of our Certification process. The traditional exams for EMC Engineer and EMC Technician will run concurrently. Each is a two-part paper, and each part is scheduled to run for four hours with an optional one-hour break at lunchtime. The new Senior and entry level EMC Design Engineer examinations are also two part papers, with each being three hours long with an optional one hour break. Examinees for the traditional program may bring any reference materials and a PC to the examination room. We do not guarantee to provide either mains power or wireless Internet access, but if it is available, it may be used. Examinees for the EMC Design Engineer certification may bring only their own notebooks and a scientific calculator, no reference books or laptops will be allowed.

Tuesday, 7 August through Thursday, 9 August 2012

iNARTE will be at our exhibition booth each day. We invite all our members and anyone interested in learning more about iNARTE and our Certification programs to visit us there. You can register for any of the Friday Examinations at our booth. We will also have on display, and for purchase, books and CD’s that may be used as Study Guides for the Examinations.

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