Job Fair

In this time of depressed economy there are many members of our profession that have been forced to find new jobs or move on. Fortunately for the field of EMC, there is high demand for skilled practitioners at all levels. EMC Society is sponsoring a Society Job Fair as part of the technical program the EMC 2012. The Job Fair will be held in the convention center and will include private interview spaces. The Job Fair is being provided as a service to our members, future members and companies that support the EMC profession.

Bring many resume copies so that all the recruiters from around the world who come to the Job Fair can have a copy. We plan to have representatives from companies in the Pittsburgh area, all over the US, Europe, and more.  The focus of the Job Fair will be for positions relating to EMC consistent with the scope of the symposium.

There is no registration fee for individuals for the Job Fair, however you do have to register.  Please pre-register or register on site for the “Free Exhibit Hall only Pass“, which includes access to the Job Fair, Society Working Group & Committee and Board Meetings, Industry Collateral Meetings, Hardware Experiments & Demonstrations, Computer Modeling & Simulations Demonstrations, Technical Committee Meetings and Exhibit Hall.

Tips for Participating at the Job Fair

1 – Dress professionally – Wear a suit, handle this as you would a regular interview.

2 – Wear comfortable shoes – You will be doing a lot of standing, talking and walking around.

3 – Resumes – Bring a supply of resumes to hand out to the companies.

4 – Bring a portfolio/briefcase to hold your resumes, job application information and to collect the corporate literature and business cards from companies

5 – Prepare a “one minute self commercial” – Think about your strong points, your goals, and how you will benefit a company.

6 – Be prepared to discuss where you want to work geographically (New York – Boston – anywhere), what you like doing, what you’re looking for in a job, what your most relevant skills are.

7 – Arrive early – Plan on time to talk to all the companies, and have time for on-site interviews. This is an excellent opportunity to browse and indulge your curiosity

8 – Network – Talk to the others attending the Job Fair and the symposium. You may hear about opportunities of which you were unaware.

9 – Be assertive and show initiative – Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table, have your resume and business card out for the recruiter. When wrapping up your conversations with company reps, show your interest by asking them what the next steps are. Ask if it’s okay to call them or send follow up letter or email a few days after the job fair ends.

10 – Be enthusiastic – Surveys identify the single most important personal attribute is Enthusiasm. So, smile and project interest in the company.

11 – Be prepared to fill out a job application on the spot, by pre-filling out a job application you can find online, and then bring the information with you in the portfolio/briefcase.

12 – Collect business cards, company info or contact info as you go. Track to which employers you’ve submitted your resume at the job fair and jot down notes, right after you talk with each rep. The notes will help you to stay consistent, in case you land a follow-up interview with the same person and help with an effectively follow up. Do a follow up within 24-48 hours with a thank-you e-mail or letter to each of the representatives with whom you spoke. Visit the sites of companies that interest you. Many continue to list new and unfilled openings. Post your resume if you haven’t already done so. One resume in three to six months is enough. If you want to know what’s going on with your resume or if you see a new position, send a letter of inquiry. The company will let you know if you should submit your resume again.

Interview Schedule:

To schedule an interview appointment visit the Job Fair room, noted in the Program, and sign up with the person staffing the sign-up desk. The sign-up desk is located immediately outside the Job Fair room. Below is a table identifying the interview days and hours.

For more information please contact:

Job Fair Coordinator
Kimball Williams