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6 Tips To Help You Pack Moving Boxes Perfectly

6 Tips To Help You Pack Moving Boxes Perfectly

Packing  boxes is part and parcel of moving house. Find out exactly how to do the perfect job when packing up every single box during your house move.

Packing boxes is a natural part of a house move. By the end you usually wish to never, ever see a box again in your life. Only, you then have to go and unpack everything at the other end! There are a few things you can do to help the process be more effective, speedy and efficient so at least you’re doing it right, nothing is getting broken and it is as easy as possible.

Follow these 6 tips to help you pack boxes perfectly for your next house move:

Combine, Combine, Combine

The items you pack together should be related in some way. This will help speed up the packing process, and help you with the unpacking process too. Try to avoid chaotic packing where anything and everything gets chucked into a box, this will be like unpacking a thousand junk drawers when you get to your new house. And, if you plan to use self-storage during the moving process (maybe you are relocating to another state or country, or you’re renovating your new home before moving in) then by the time you retrieve you boxes from the storage unit you will have totally forgotten what was in them.

Use The Right Box

What you pack will vary in size and weight so you have to choose the right box for your use. A strong banana box (free from the supermarket) is ideal for books, but pointless for clothes. A tall thin box is great for scarves or utensils but not really suited to large ornaments or plates. Think about each of your boxes and what they should be used for, writing notes on the boxes if you need to.

Ensure There Is Room For Packing Materials

Make sure when planning how you pack a box that you have room for the packing protection. Newspaper, bubble wrap and other protection takes up extra room so be aware of that when planning a box pack so you don’t waste time packing the box up only to find you have to empty it and repack it again.

Fit The Pieces Together

You have to ensure that the items you put in the box fit together well. Just popping them in willy nilly will result in wasted space, and possibly breaking the items inside the box. Items should slot together perfectly with protection between them to ensure there is no friction.

Be Organised

Although how you pack the box matters, so does being organised. Before sealing a box off and sending it on its way you should make sure it is labelled properly so you know exactly what is in it. When you send it to cheap self storage you won’t have to rummage through every box in your unit to find what you want, so you’ll be super thankful.

Keep Everything Secure

Imagine packing a box beautifully only to pick it up and everything falls out the bottom. Nightmare! Use strong packing tape to wrap around the box so you’re completely sure nothing will fall out of it.

Follow these packing tips to ensure that your boxes are all packed perfectly during your move and the risk of any damage is minimised.