Youth Technical Program


This year’s Youth Technical Program is so amazing that your parents are going to want to come (but we won’t let them stay). It will be given by a speaker whose email address ends inĀ He will talk about the advancements of technology leading up to some of your favorite Apple gadgets. He will speak about how they work and how even companies like Apple have to consider Electromagnetic Compatibility when designing their devices.


The Youth Technical Program will consist of two 1.5 hour workshops where youth companions of symposium participants will be introduced to the world of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and get some hands-on experience either building a project or using EMC measurement equipment.


In addition to the two workshops, on Thursday morning the Youth Technical Program and all companions (adults and youths) are invited to join a guided tour of the exhibition hall where the experts will show us their newest and coolest EMC devices.


We encourage all interested participants to register for the Youth Technical Program so that an adequate number of project kits can be prepared. The Youth Program is recommended for ages 8 to 19. Younger children are welcome if accompanied by adults or teenage or older siblings.


Also, to avoid confusion, it should be noted that the Youth Technical Program registration does not include access to the Companion Suite or social events. Please see the Companion Club for details and benefits.